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About Us

Countrywide Tire & Rubber


We’re Countrywide and we’ve been doing this for a while. Since 1976, in fact. We were built on customer service and quality products. We’ve added a few things since then—computers were a big one. At our core, though, we’re still the same great company with the same great employees.

We’re a company that believes in customer service above all else. We were the first to offer Customized Price Sheets and Private Labeling. We offer prepaid freight on all of our orders—big and small. And the products we sell come with our Ultimate Advantage Lifetime Warranty. There’s a reason people choose Countrywide - we’re different - no one can beat our customer service. Whether we’re shipping from our Just in Time warehouse program or our LINK Direct Container Program, we’ve always got your back. It’s just how we’ve always done things.

We’re Countrywide.
Nice to meet you.